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How much rural land is left?

United States Population
July 1, 1900 76,094,000
July 1, 1950 152,271,417
July 1, 2006 298,444,215

United States Acreage
July 1, 1900 2.3 billion acres
July 1, 1950 2.3 billion acres
July 1, 2006 2.3 billion acres

After diving into this topic I found it amazing how much land there really is available in the United States alone. We hear about the United States population rising drastically and new people moving to the United States all the time. The first thought is “how much land do we have left?” Amazingly enough there is still plenty of land for us all. As you can see from the statistics below there are still quite a few acres left to settle.

United States Land Statistics
Developed: 66 million acres
Rural residential: 73 million acres
Crop land: 349 million acres
Range and Pasture land: 788 million acres
Forestland: 747 million
—USDA Economic Research Service

A great example of what many perceive to be a state running out of land is Florida. So many condos, townhouses and high rises have been developed that we immediately figure there is no more open country. The amount of acres that have been developed is close to ten million now which makes me think, “well that state is out of country land,” but in reality there are 34,558,261 acres in Florida so there is still plenty of room for another development or two. Out of this acreage it’s nice to see some of the horse farms, riverfront properties and other Florida land for sale that is still pristine and untouched. They might not be making more of it but there is still plenty of untouched land for sale to buy and enjoy.

Question: How much rural land is left?
Answer: Plenty


Thursday, February 19th, 2009 Land Talk