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Increase the Value of Your Land by Improving It

What is one way to increase the value of land? Improve it! With this idea, I went out this weekend to a ranch to clear brush along a creek and fence line. The fence line had to be cleared in order to put up a fence and the creek needed clearing to improve the views of the ranch, as well as, eliminate cedars that were “drinking” all the creek water.

This was my first time to drive a dozer so I had no idea what it would be like. I asked the company I rented it from how hard it was to use. The answer was “there are just a couple joysticks so it’s really easy to work with.” It sounded good to me so I booked the rental. I rented a bull dozer from a town about 12 miles away for $350 per day plus a $90 delivery fee.

I met the semi-truck that delivered the bulldozer to the ranch. He showed me where the joysticks were located and I was off and running at about 2 MPH. It was amazing how quick I could clear the different parts of the land to open up views to enable people to see the property better. I ended up clearing a lot of the ranch which looks really nice now and we can get around much better in vehicles.

The $440 that it cost me was well worth the improvements made to the ranch. There will be more water in the creek, views galore, room for a fence, and a roadway along the new fence line and creek. To me the value in these items far exceeds the associated costs.
The land does look much better and will appeal to many more buyers. Take a little time to make improvements to your land before you start marketing it. You’ll get more money out of it and have a much happier Buyer.


Thursday, February 19th, 2009 Land Talk