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Land For Sale News Update for September 30th, 2009!

ULS Properties Inc has spent the last 6 years growing into one of the most trusted, most respected online land for sale sources on the internet. In that time, we have received thousands of requests to expand the site to allow other Land Sellers/Realtors to advertise their land as well. We feel that during this economic time, it would be beneficial not only to us, but to other land sellers and the economy to help promote even more properties across this great nation.

January 1st, 2010 will be a new day for – Our customers will have thousands of properties to choose from. Our land selling partners will have access to our over 45,000 land subscribers and take advantage of our high ranking web presence on major search engines as well as our industry low listing prices.

If you are interested in promoting your land on – Add your email address to our subscriber list on the homepage and you will be contacted when this massive feature is added to our website.

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Colorado Land For Sale Now Available!!

sanluisLand For Sale update: September 29th, 2009

Colorado Land For Sale

Ever dream of owning a ranch in Colorado? Here’s your chance. 5 Acres of beautiful Colorado Land For Sale is now available on

This is a great 5 acre lot located in Costilla County, East of Alamosa, Colorado. You can own this land with our EZ Financing Program with $100.00 down and payments as low as $115.00 per month.

This 5 acre parcel is located in Costilla County, East of Alamosa, Colorado. It lies in the beautiful subdivision of San Luis Valley Ranches Unit Q. This rectangle shaped lot has plenty of road frontage. Its dimensions are 330 feet by 660 feet so there is lots of room to for you to build.

There are large farms in the area, the main crops being potatoes and alfalfa. There are also cattle ranchers. It is close to the delightful village of Blanca, CO and is located approximately 4 mile South of town in the foothills of Mount Blanca .

There are no building restrictions and no time limit to build. This is plenty of space to do just about anything. Water is by well and this area is known for its excellent quality of water and shallow wells. There is electricity and telephone in the area. There are roads to the property, which are maintained by the county.

Southern Colorado is a fantastic place with over 300 days of sun per year, and some of the mildest temperatures in the state. The elevation is great, which makes for great climates and fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.


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New Mexico Land For Sale Update

newmexicoLand For Sale update: September 28th, 2009

New Mexico Land For Sale has always been a pretty great investment. It’s had steady growth in value and has never really been impacted by the current economic situation.

New Mexico land for sale is a great first investment. If you are new to land investments, you may want to consider purchasing in new mexico first. For a fairly low price, you can purchase about half an acre with dirt road access, and on occasion, utilities will be at the lot.

Take a look at our current New Mexico Land For Sale. You can purchase a property with monthly payments as low as $50.00


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How You Can Take Advantage of the Current Real Estate Market – Arizona Land For Sale

With the rise in Arizona Land For Sale prices, and the increase in the American and world populations, the demand for available vacant land on which to build has dramatically increased. Because of this, the real estate industry has seen a dramatic rise in people from Arizona, the west coast and across the country looking to buy vacant or undeveloped Arizona Land For Sale.

With supplies limited or very expensive in many areas of the East, Midwest, and West coast, attention has turned to the mountain west and southwest. Many are wondering about Arizona land for sale.

A new area of interest for recent land acquisition and development has been Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. The benefits of the high country of the southwest as opposed the hotter low desert, have gained increasing recognition. While the Las Vegas area and the Phoenix-Pinal County-Tucson corridor remain immensely popular, many more people have become interested in northern and eastern northern New Mexico, and the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, and northern Arizona Land For Sale.

The most important questions raised by anyone interested in purchasing vacant southwest land is, “What happens once the other vacant land for sale in the area begins to be developed?” That depends on the use for which the vacant land will be developed.

For example, if land is bought in the Prescott-Chino Valley area of Yavapai County, Arizona, it may be developed as residential real estate for retirees, second homes for the affluent from Phoenix, or California or young families seeking a more wholesome environment for their children. This requires the expertise of an experienced contractor specializing in residential development, because the land, once it has entered this stage, will need large investments for the basic infrastructure of utilities and roads.

If you have bought a smaller parcel of Arizona Land For Sale in this area under development, you can take advantage of such improvements. The value of your parcel will have increased so that you may either sale it at a nice profit or begin your own small-scale development.
Determine how many and where houses or apartments should placed. Working with a residential construction company, you can plan a development that best takes advantage of the infrastructure improvements of the larger development.

This is one of the major benefits, of investing in vacant Arizona Land For Sale in such growing areas as Arizona. The value of the nearby land will increase in value as the area development continues.

Another aspect of purchasing vacant land would be the fact that it is undeveloped land, and you can determine its future. This would mean you could give it almost and ranching, commercial, or residential use as allowed, and in the southwest, you will find minimal restrictions compared to much of the country. A third benefit of purchasing vacant Arizona Land For Sale is its appreciation value. There is a much difference in the value of the property when it is vacant land versus developed and again when a house is built upon it.

Buying undeveloped, vacant land in the southwestern United States offers many worthwhile investment opportunities that are no longer available in much of the country and can lead to lucrative investments.

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Article: Utah Land For Sale

520674940_031dc911bcNearly 80 percent of Utah’s population lives in the Wasatch Front. This leaves plenty of inexpensive acreage for sale in the rest of the state. Many people have found that ranch land for sale in Utah is a great way for them to purchase large plots without spending too much money. Even those who live in metropolitan areas like Salt Lake City might want to consider purchasing acreage for sale outside of the Wasatch Front to use as a weekend retreat.

Much of the Land for Sale in Utah is Inexpensive

While property located in urbanized areas like Salt Lake City can cost quite a bit of money, the low population density outside of the Wasatch Front makes land for sale in Utah affordable. You just have to know where to look.

In general, the acreage for sale becomes less expensive as you move away from highly populated parts of the state. This is perfect for those who would like to get away from the hustle of city living or those who just want a place they can use as a weekend retreat.

Since the land is affordable, many people find that they can purchase large amounts of ranch land for sale without jeopardizing their financial security.

Geography of Land for Sale in Utah

Land for sale in Utah also offers access to one of the most geographically diverse areas in the U.S. Depending on which part of the state you purchase ranch land for sale, you can surround yourself with the mesmerizing sand dunes of Utah deserts or some of the most thriving pine forests in the country.

Many people are also attracted to the snow that collects in Utah’s mountains near the Great Salt Lake. The snow has been heralded by many as the best in the world for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter games. The 2002 Winter Olympics were even held in Salt Lake City, in part because of the famously fluffy snow.

Finding Ranch Land for Sale in Utah

Whether you want to purchase ranch land to start your own cattle operation or just to have a weekend retreat away from the pressures of city life, there is plenty of land for sale in Utah that can suit your needs. The acreage for sale in desert areas is often very affordable. The abundant sunshine even makes it possible for some families to run their entire homes without connecting to the electricity grid. Over time, using solar panels in sunny environments can help you save even more money.

When you search for ranch land for sale in Utah, you should consider what you want to do with the land. If you would like to raise animals or make a permanent residence, then you should look for acreage for sale that has access to a water source. Do not automatically discount acreage for sale that is located in the desert, though. Some of these areas might not get much precipitation throughout the year, but they might have water supplied by streams flowing from the mountains.

For a listing of our available Utah Land, please click here.

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