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California Land For Sale…SOLD!

hollywood-sign-as-ifWe had another quick seller today in California, which seems to be an upcoming hot spot for Land For Sale for investors.

This lot was on the market for a total of 3 days. All recent land sales and numbers are indicating land investors know that this is the time to buy. Prices haven’t been this low in years. Smart land investors know a little investment now can pay off big time in the years ahead. The economy will rebound, land and house prices will climb. Maybe not tomorrow, or next year…but they will. What goes down, must come up…and vice versa.

Congratulations to our new land owner.

Only 1 California Land For Sale remains…a Half Acre lot in Kern County. You can own this lot with monthly payments as low as $75.00. Click Here to view the lot and details.


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 California Land For Sale