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Get ready to unload your land for sale inventory

Our web geniuses are at work on the new – We hope to launch BETA testing in December with a select few land sellers who have already contacted us to post their properties.

If you are interested in being a BETA tester for the new Land For Sale listing service, please contact us by visiting the “Contact Us” page. Some benefits of being a BETA tester will be free unlimited listings for the first couple of months while we work out all the kinks and small hiccups.

If you have properties you want to sell, is the most affordable option online to do so. With over 45,000 email subscribers who will be notified of your listing, as well as the thousands of daily visitors to our website, you will definitely get your moneys worth…something no other land listing service offers.

Stay Tuned for screenshots and updates.


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if the land you want to buy is for sale as hunting land does that mean you can’t build on it and live there?

I see all the time hunting land for sale. Just wondered if it was limited to just hunting or if I could build a house and live on the property.

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Get’em while they’re hot!!!

Land For Sale update: October 9th, 2009

The title of this blog says it all. With land for sale prices being the lowest they have been in years, there is a gradual increase in market value for some areas. One of the areas being “Orlando Pines”. This subdivision is 7 miles from Disney World, and with recent development just a couple miles away, we have had an increase in sales to those who do their research.

With foreclosures over the past year, most of the Orlando Pines properties we sell were reduced in price to make up for the amount owing from the previous purchaser. The latest boom in sales in the area will result in a land price hike. Currently the foreclosed Orlando Pines lots are selling at $3,950.00. This will be increased to $4,500 and then $4,950 respectfully as inventory gets low. Full market value of these lots is around $6k to $7k.

Not only will land for sale prices increase, but so will the terms. Currently you can snag one of these bad boys for $1.00 down and $50.00 per month, this will change to $100.00 down and $95.00 per month to level off demand to serious investors.

Get’em while they’re hot!!

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Texas Land For Sale – 20 Acres

texasLand For Sale update October 7th, 2009

20 Acres, Terlingua Ranch – Texas

In the vast Big Bend country of far west Texas there is a land of canyons, high mountains, deep ravines and panoramic views. The area is sparsely populated and it’s a long way to even a medium sized city.

You can expect to see wild life such as deer, javelina, quail and dove, as well as many others. There’s a tremendous variety of desert plants. The air is clean and clear. This is home to Big Bend National Park, one of the nation’s largest, and Big Bend Ranch State Park, the largest state park in Texas. Mexico is just across the river (Rio Grande).

Click Here to view our Texas Land For Sale page. To go directly to this 20 Acre lot, click here.

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Thinking of selling your land?

Have you had a piece of land for quite some time and are now thinking of selling it? Not sure what it’s valued at? Clueless on how to go about listing it? We can help. Dig up all those old deeds, dust them off and start doing some research.

1) Where is the land located? Call the county and make sure there aren’t any weird liens or co-owners on the property you don’t know about. Order some maps if you don’t already have them. They usually cost a couple bucks.

2) Do you want to try and list the property yourself? If so, we can help. will be launching a “Sell your land” section very soon and for 1 extremely low cost, you can post as many properties for sale as you want on our website, utilizing our advanced land listing system and making your properties visible to thousands of land buyers that use our site exclusively.

3) Determine the asking price by doing some research on other properties for sale in the same area or similar, comparable to size, utilities, access…etc. Do not use your “Taxable Value” as the value of your land, as this is a value determined on what the county will charge you for tax purposes. This is NOT the market value of the land for sale.

4) In this current economic time, people are reluctant to dish out large amounts of cash up front, so it is wise to offer some type of owner financing on contract. This will increase your chance of making a sale dramatically.

We are here to help. If you have land for sale and want more information on our soon to be listing service, visit our “Contact Us” page and send us an email.


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