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Not Just Hot Phoenix – 3 Regions With Arizona Land For Sale

If you are searching the internet and you see and ad about “Arizona land for sale,” you are looking at a indication of good things to come. Arizona is a beautiful land of diversity and a rich cultural heritage that is growing and becoming one of the top southwestern Mecca for West-coasters and Midwesterners, popular with young families and retirees and those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. When you are searching Arizona land for sale for a place to have your home or your business, you should look at the various regions of this large state.

You will find a wide variety of regional climates. There is the low southern desert area of Yuma, Tucson, and Valley of the Sun (Phoenix) which offers little winter but an oven-like summer. There is the Central High Country of Prescott, Payson, Heber-Overgaard, and Show Low-Pinetop, and Holbrook which at 5,500′-6,500′ offers mild winters and mild summers. Finally, there is the high north country of Flagstaff, Williams, and the Grand Canyon area, which at above 7,000′ offers extreme winters and milder summers.

Within each region are area and neighborhoods areas that will suit any lifestyle. Nevertheless, wherever you choose, you will need to verify and follow certain prudent guidelines for choosing Arizona land for sale.

First off, research and decide in which region you want to relocate. There are foothill areas, crowed metropolitan areas, and new home areas that best fit retirees, and families. There is a wide variety of price ranges as well in Arizona from the generally less expensive Central High Country to the very upscale Scottsdale, Sedona, and Flagstaff.

The land must be zoned or can be re-zoned through variance for whatever you plan. This can take time, so if your have limited time consider that.

Another important consideration in Arizona land for sale is the soil condition and the possibility of flood plain hindrances.  Arizona land has a the summer rainy season called “monsoons,” when cause local flooding when 1-2 inches of rain falls quickly. If the soli cannot hold the water, the low-lying flood plain areas will flood and many normally dry washes can fill quickly. Arizona land for sale should be reviewed for its situation regarding possible flood plain. This is a problem mainly of the flat desert but even high country areas such as the White Mountains or Sedona can have problems with flooding when it rains monsoon style.

Clearly important is getting a clear land title when dealing with Arizona land for sale. A title search should show that previous owner has no liens past due attached to the land at the courthouse. Inform yourself about the deed restrictions on how the land can be used or HOA restrictions apply to future buyers.

When considering undeveloped Arizona land for sale in the outlying desert or foothills, make sure that you will have easy and inexpensive access to utilities such as water, gas, telephone, and electricity, along with emergency medical services. You will often be paying a private contractor or company for the connections.

Arizona is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the nation to live and work. It is more that just the Phoenix “Valley of the Sun.” Check out the cooler Central High Country of Prescott, Payson, Heber-Overgaard, and Show Low-Pinetop, and Holbrook which at 5,500′-6,500′ offers mild winters and mild summers.

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Sunday, September 18th, 2011 Arizona Land For Sale