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Is buying land then building a home a good idea?

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Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Land for Sale

2 Comments to Is buying land then building a home a good idea?

  1. Property taxes are perpetual and unavoidable. So you will pay property tax on every lot and home you own, every year. The tax will be lower on land with no improvements (homes), and higher where you have built a home because it is worth more.

    Note that, especially in CA, there are probably rules governing what you can do with your property. Some will not allow you to put a mobile home on it, and in some other places you may not be allowed to do your own work but must use licensed contractors instead. And in other places you can have a home but you cannot operate a business.

    So just check carefully when you investigate a property that you will be allowed to do there what you want. Rural property will have fewer restrictions on it; the closer you are to a town you will find the rules are more strict.

  2. Equality 7-2521 on November 24th, 2013
  3. Hello Fernando,

    I know of a website that may answer most if not all of your questions. There are many properties (cheap) and there is at least one fruit vegetable type stand that is offered there. There may be more. Many small farms and agricultural properties are also available there too. The main site is http://www.EagleStar.Net and the page with the produce stand is at Take a look when you get a chance there may be some very good opportunities for you there. Good Luck!

  4. Phil on November 26th, 2013