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Beautiful Missouri Land for Sale

Missouri is the perfect place to buy land. Those who want to buy their dream home land, and then Missouri is the correct place to invest money. Missouri land is an amalgamation of natural resources and beauty. To know more about Missouri’s land, read the article below. › Continue reading


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Why Use a Land for Sale Website to Help Market Acreage?

Why use a land sales site to advertise land? Typically most real estate agents specialize in residential sales. This is due to residential being the predominate sale in real estate and the fact that home generally sale faster than land. Homes sell faster because there are many more available buyers for homes than for land land even in a down market. However this means that most agents and the MLS or multiple listing service they use is geared toward getting homes advertised and sold. Land requires a different approach than homes since there are many features and value variables in land that have little or no application to homes sales. Some but not all of these are; timber value, road frontage, lay of the land or topography, land use, zoning, wildlife species and hunting, mineral rights and many others. › Continue reading

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Learn How to Profit From the Greatest Land Rush in US History!

At precisely twelve noon on September 16, 1893 a cannon’s boom unleashed the largest land rush America ever saw. Carried by all sorts of transportation – horses, wagons, trains, bicycles or on foot – an estimated 100,000 raced to claim plots of land in an area of land in northern Oklahoma Territory. There had been a number of previous land rushes in the Territory – but this was the big one. › Continue reading


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Land Investment in the UK – Eight Things Smart Investors Know

UK land represents some of the best investment land available. These eight facts, presented by a land planning and land investment expert, will tell you what wise investors already know about investing in land

1) Investing in UK Land is a real asset

You can see, use, and most importantly, build on investment land. You hold the legal title deeds to your investment land as surety. There are no complicated concepts in land investment, just a burgeoning demand for a finite amount of UK land. › Continue reading


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Thinking of selling your land?

Have you had a piece of land for quite some time and are now thinking of selling it? Not sure what it’s valued at? Clueless on how to go about listing it? We can help. Dig up all those old deeds, dust them off and start doing some research.

1) Where is the land located? Call the county and make sure there aren’t any weird liens or co-owners on the property you don’t know about. Order some maps if you don’t already have them. They usually cost a couple bucks.

2) Do you want to try and list the property yourself? If so, we can help. will be launching a “Sell your land” section very soon and for 1 extremely low cost, you can post as many properties for sale as you want on our website, utilizing our advanced land listing system and making your properties visible to thousands of land buyers that use our site exclusively.

3) Determine the asking price by doing some research on other properties for sale in the same area or similar, comparable to size, utilities, access…etc. Do not use your “Taxable Value” as the value of your land, as this is a value determined on what the county will charge you for tax purposes. This is NOT the market value of the land for sale.

4) In this current economic time, people are reluctant to dish out large amounts of cash up front, so it is wise to offer some type of owner financing on contract. This will increase your chance of making a sale dramatically.

We are here to help. If you have land for sale and want more information on our soon to be listing service, visit our “Contact Us” page and send us an email.


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