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Advertise on will soon be making the transition into a full fledged land listing site offering our visitors thousands of land investment opportunities, as well as the ability to list their land for sale at an industry low price.

We are offering an additional opportunity for larger budget brokers, sellers and auctioneers by way of banner ads.

Currently our site is offering the following banner ad sizes:

Top Banner: 468 x 60

Side Banner: 250 x 250

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Friday, November 20th, 2009 News No Comments

Recently Sold Land For Sale on

November 6th, 2009 Land Update

This week’s Land Sales!!

1) Terlingua Ranch – $10,950.00

2) Carson Estates – $3,950.00

Congratulations to our new land owners.

Business Directory Undeveloped or Vacant


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Get ready to unload your land for sale inventory

Our web geniuses are at work on the new – We hope to launch BETA testing in December with a select few land sellers who have already contacted us to post their properties.

If you are interested in being a BETA tester for the new Land For Sale listing service, please contact us by visiting the “Contact Us” page. Some benefits of being a BETA tester will be free unlimited listings for the first couple of months while we work out all the kinks and small hiccups.

If you have properties you want to sell, is the most affordable option online to do so. With over 45,000 email subscribers who will be notified of your listing, as well as the thousands of daily visitors to our website, you will definitely get your moneys worth…something no other land listing service offers.

Stay Tuned for screenshots and updates.


Saturday, October 17th, 2009 News No Comments hits top page of Google!! New Update October 2nd, 2009 has reached page 1 on Google for the keyword “Land For Sale”. What does this mean? Well, for the new UnitedLandSales coming January 1st, 2010, it means a great deal.

Why? Land sellers who decide to promote their properties on will have a massive amount of traffic driven to their listings.

Land For Sale” gets an average of 1.8 million queries a month. Being on the top page means the exposure your listing will get will be enormous.

Now that we’re at the top…we need to stay there. Our web team works tirelessly on making sure is SEO friendly and scores the absolute highest with search engine algorithms.

This is our commitment to you. Your listings will receive the highest possible score, the best exposure and of course, for the lowest price…guaranteed!!

To be informed on when our land selling feature will be activated, visit the homepage and add your email to our newsletter sign up.


Friday, October 2nd, 2009 News No Comments News Update!

Land For Sale News Update for September 30th, 2009!

ULS Properties Inc has spent the last 6 years growing into one of the most trusted, most respected online land for sale sources on the internet. In that time, we have received thousands of requests to expand the site to allow other Land Sellers/Realtors to advertise their land as well. We feel that during this economic time, it would be beneficial not only to us, but to other land sellers and the economy to help promote even more properties across this great nation.

January 1st, 2010 will be a new day for – Our customers will have thousands of properties to choose from. Our land selling partners will have access to our over 45,000 land subscribers and take advantage of our high ranking web presence on major search engines as well as our industry low listing prices.

If you are interested in promoting your land on – Add your email address to our subscriber list on the homepage and you will be contacted when this massive feature is added to our website.

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