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Landkeep texas land sales anyone heard of these people?

They advertise land for sale cheap, I have spoke to them about buying properties, they are very evasive in legal descriptions, Jordyn Hirn just replied, “our customers always buy site unseen” I found it very strange with all the scams out there. Unprofessional answer phone with just hey, and when I asked directions to go see the property they hung up on me??? Please if anyone has dealt with these people let me know, Im interested in the land for sale but don’t want to be ripped off or scammed.

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Sunday, September 15th, 2013 Land for Sale Comments Off

Where to find information on land for sale in Vancouver area?


Already looked at “mls (realtor) ca” and found very few if not less options.

Are there any specific resources where one can find information about land for sale in Vancouver area? Primarily interested in small lots with river, lake, ocean access for reasonable (still believe it can be ;) ) price.


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Friday, October 10th, 2008 Land for Sale 2 Comments