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Get’em while they’re hot!!!

Land For Sale update: October 9th, 2009

The title of this blog says it all. With land for sale prices being the lowest they have been in years, there is a gradual increase in market value for some areas. One of the areas being “Orlando Pines”. This subdivision is 7 miles from Disney World, and with recent development just a couple miles away, we have had an increase in sales to those who do their research.

With foreclosures over the past year, most of the Orlando Pines properties we sell were reduced in price to make up for the amount owing from the previous purchaser. The latest boom in sales in the area will result in a land price hike. Currently the foreclosed Orlando Pines lots are selling at $3,950.00. This will be increased to $4,500 and then $4,950 respectfully as inventory gets low. Full market value of these lots is around $6k to $7k.

Not only will land for sale prices increase, but so will the terms. Currently you can snag one of these bad boys for $1.00 down and $50.00 per month, this will change to $100.00 down and $95.00 per month to level off demand to serious investors.

Get’em while they’re hot!!

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