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How can I buy Land in Alaska?

I want to move to Alaska and build my own house and greenhouses and everything with my sister and our husbands. I’ve been searching the Web to try to find land listings in Wiseman Alaska or further north. I want it to be either above or just below the artic circle. Eagle, Wiseman, Coldfoot, Anywhere north and cold will do. And very secluded. we want to be able to be far away from everyone else so we’d like at least a few miles between us and anyone around us.

I’m looking for people who live up there and know of land for sale or real estate agents who would know what to do to help me. Anyone with any helpful information would be very much appreciated.

Thanks :)

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Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Land for Sale Comments Off

Landkeep texas land sales anyone heard of these people?

They advertise land for sale cheap, I have spoke to them about buying properties, they are very evasive in legal descriptions, Jordyn Hirn just replied, “our customers always buy site unseen” I found it very strange with all the scams out there. Unprofessional answer phone with just hey, and when I asked directions to go see the property they hung up on me??? Please if anyone has dealt with these people let me know, Im interested in the land for sale but don’t want to be ripped off or scammed.

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How can you legally have a commune in a single dwelling plot of land?

It seems like all the plots of land for sale is for single dwelling. Is it possible to find some land that allows you to divide it up or build multiple homes on it?

I was told that if you live on the land without a “dwelling” ie a travel trailer or a cob house, then you can live there with any amount of people. How true is that?

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 Land for Sale 1 Comment

What are the best European websites to advertise land for sale?

I would like to reach people from Europe to sell our farm in Canada. On what sites can I advertise? What agencies can I go through? Thank you.

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 Land for Sale Comments Off

I would like to advertise a page on my site. What’s the best and cheapest way?

I am selling land in upstate NY. I would like for people to hit the page when looking for land for sale, waterviews, Great Lake(s).

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